The Zabots are a duo with a preference for unusual pairings of instruments such as cheap Casio keyboards, banjos, harmonica and slap bass.

Influenced by such diverse styles as Easy Listening, Retro-Disco and Childrens‘ Music, they lure their listeners into a melancholy dream world they never want to leave again.

They learnt playing the sitar from Richard Clayderman, resulting in a steady gig in a dusky, half-submerged Tiki bar.

The Beguine is in their book, as well as the Clog Bossa, and occasionally they venture out into the terrain of modern dance music with astonishing finesse.

Their accompaniment is a strange orchestra of melodicas, recorders and an automated cardboard drumset, while – behind the opalescent stage curtain – a mysterious choir of singing ducks is waiting impatiently for their entrance.

In the meantime, the audience sips on forbidden cocktails kaleidoscopically reflecting the sunset, while the sounds of meandering Moogs from distant planets waft by.