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Los Vampos are three extraordinarily talented youngsters from a German small town with the burning ambition to make music that is at the same time soulful and brainy.


Combining their compositional and lyrical abilities with the skills of tasteful, but strict producer Jörg Hochapfel, a new musical genre is born out of the unexpected and unholy union of (a rather philosophical kind of) German Schlager and Jazz-Funk-Fusion-Pop from back when music was still good.


What they say: „Popmusik für Herz und Hirn“.


What critics say: „Whiny music for mummy’s boys over forty“.


Well, make up your own mind and enjoy the curiously catchy tunes of Los Vampos!


Kevin: lead/backing vocals, drums.

Kim: lead/backing vocals, keyboards.

Karol: lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals.